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For 60 years, we’ve kept our focus on quality, innovation and technology to become the world’s leader in plastic push-fit fittings, tubing and other fluid control products.

The Industry Standard Since 1961

Quality from Start to Finish

With precise manufacturing processes, we control our product’s journey from raw materials to distribution. These processes include rigorous testing protocols and commitment to code approvals, making John Guest the trusted choice for OEMs around the world.

Innovative Product Development

As the pioneer of the plastic push-fit category, we never stop at good enough. John Guest products are engineered in state-of-the-art global centers dedicated to research and development, product testing and quality control.

Technology that Lasts

Not only is our trusted push-fit system built for quick installation. It is designed to offer a longstanding, reliable connection.

John Guest’s technology for OEM offers:

  • Tailored connector solutions to individual specification.
  • Tubing connections that become fast and very simple.
  • Products with longstanding connection reliability.
  • Speedfit technology that can be built within a variety of soft metal or plastic housing materials.
A plastic molded tray of many pipe connectors.

Values and History

When Mr. John Guest first opened his factory doors in 1961, he was determined to run a company where product quality and excellence of service underpinned its ethos. He encouraged a strong spirit of innovation from the outset, which led to the invention of the first Speedfit push-fit fittings in the 1970s by John Guest himself. His legacy is continued through the brand's reputation for producing consistently high quality and innovative products.

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