John Guest

Holiday House Land O'Lakes Creates Vending & OCS Systems With John Guest

When you're providing office coffee service to different corporate campuses, every solution can look different. But this OCS and vending distributor knows there are enough options in the John Guest line to get the job done. Discover how Holiday House Distributing uses John Guest parts to build their products.

Chester Paul Utilizes John Guest for Water Purification

Whether they're building water treatment systems for homes or for coffee shops, this water quality manufacturer uses only the best components possible. Which is why they've been using John Guest for 25 years. Hear what Chester Paul Company has to say about John Guest's reliability and support.

Controls For Automation Uses John Guest For Manufacturing Automation

New England distributor, Controls for Automation, creates automation manufacturing solutions for every industry. When Dave Mochi and his team search for the highest quality materials, they look no further than John Guest. Mochi's manufacturing customers look to his team for innovative techniques and recognizable products. John Guest products exceed his needs, which is why he uses them in so many solutions.

Marine RO Supplier, Yacht Mate, Has Used John Guest for 28 Years

John Guest push-fit fittings, valves and tubing are designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including boating and yacht plumbing. Hear why this marine and R.O. supplier has been using John Guest for 28 years to service yachts worldwide.

SeaRO Builds RO Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL With John Guest

Since its founding, SeaRO has been using John Guest as a marine OEM partner to build marine watermakers and RO systems for yachts and island homes. And for them, it's not just about the reliability of the product. It's about the support they receive from reps too.